What Do You Mean If Your Flight Is Canceled

A canceled flight almost always means flying on a later flight, which can lead to a loss of connection, a shortened vacation time, and sometimes even a missed event you intend to fly to.

Flights are often canceled due to factors such as weather, which are beyond the airline’s control. In such cases, you are largely SOL and must agree with what the airline is offering you. In most cases, this is simply a rebooking of your flight to another flight.

However, when the cancellation is due to the airline’s fault, you are often entitled to a little more. Here’s what you can expect from every US airline thanks to the Flyertalk staff.

american airlines

If your American Airlines flight is canceled, they will rebook you on the next available flight, regardless of whether the cancellation was due to the airline’s fault. As someone who ran into this problem with American earlier this year due to weather delays, this next flight may not be any time soon. I was overbooked 24 hours later due to a storm and at the time I got stuck I had to study in my own hotel etc. Read my report on this for some more tips .

If your flight is canceled due to something under American control and boarding does not start at your final destination before 11:59 pm, AA will offer you a hotel stay. If you don’t want to fly on an overbooked flight, you can also get a refund.


In addition to rebooking, Alaska will offer accommodations to those who find themselves more than 100 miles from home for reasons unrelated to the weather.


Delta will automatically rebook you on your next flight when your flight is canceled and will help you obtain a new boarding pass at its self-service kiosks and apps. Better yet, you can also print out vouchers for room and board from the vending machines if you are eligible, allowing you to pass the angry crowd at the gate. And yes, if your flight is delayed, I assure you, there will indeed be an angry crowd and you will not want to be around them.


JetBlue actually offers one of the best deals for canceled flights. In addition to booking your next flight, the airline will provide you with a $ 50 flight voucher for flights canceled within four hours of the scheduled departure and a $ 100 voucher for flights canceled after the scheduled departure, provided that the cancellation occurred within any reason JetBlue. could control.


United will automatically rebook your ticket to the next available flight just like everyone else. If you don’t like this flight, you have the option to select any other flight you would like to have it departed within 24 hours of your original ticket. You can also ask for a refund or ask for a ticket at another airport. For example, if your flight to San Francisco is canceled, you can fly from nearby Oakland instead.

Like everyone else, they will only offer hotel accommodation if your overnight stay is an airline mistake. If you are eligible for hotel stays and they are running out of vouchers, they will also give you an approval letter so you can book your hotel and get it back later.

Canceling a flight for any reason sucks. In general, if you have any problems during your trip, I always recommend contacting the airline by phone, rather than queuing up at the check-in counter. Telephone reps can do almost everything that operators can do, and there are many more.

And like everything in life, be patient and be nice. People are more likely to help you get to your destination quickly and comfortably if you are nice to them than if you make a scene.


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