How to Prevent MoviePass From Canceling Your Cancellation

If you cancel your MoviePass plan but want to use it again before the current plan time expires, you need to be careful when opening the app. Vox reports that MoviePass canceled some users’ undo after they opened the app. The problem lies in the ambiguous button that says I Agree.

MoviePass recently updated its superior conditions. It has “put on hold” its unpopular peak price, which charges extra fees for popular films, and ticket validation, which forces users to show their receipts. And he replaced his unlimited plan with just three films a month. So when everyone opened the app, MoviePass informed them of these changes and gave them a big button that said I Accept.

If you clicked “I Accept”, MoviePass will renew your plan even if you canceled it . If you clicked the × symbol in the upper right corner and never clicked “I accept” before the end of the billing period, then your plan will be canceled even if you have not canceled it .

It was a terrible UI choice. Everyone has just done archiving the warnings “we have updated our privacy policy” and then this screen has the same presentation, but with very different implications. And if you believe it, you will have to cancel MoviePass again.

We bet it was an honest mistake, not MoviePass’s nefarious conspiracy. But god, that’s so typical of them, right? We love MoviePass! The main idea is fantastic! But they just keep making erratic choices and then complicate things to catch up until you have to read blog posts on how to buy a damn movie ticket.

Every time MoviePass screw up, Sinemia’s ad specialist sends Lifehacker an email asking it to do so. This is getting indecent, but listen, we’re leaving our options open. Sinemia and AMC Stubs users: does it perform better than MoviePass? Or is it inconvenient?

MoviePass Cancels People’s Account Cancellations | Vox


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