Donate Your Old Video Games to the Library

If you’re tired of shooting Doomsday survivors in Far Cry 5 , instead of reselling the game for a fraction of what you paid or letting it collect dust in your garage for the next 26 years, why not have a boring children’s day by donating her. your local library? On gaming community Reddit, digital_russ shared how he did it after he “got tired of GameStop’s ridiculous exchange offers.”

“The best $ 30 I’ve never gotten,” he wrote of his gesture. “Before, I was not able to afford new games, and I would love to see them available for review.”

Reddit users were surprised to learn that the libraries accept video game donations. (Many have, but some have special restrictions, so check with your local office.) One commenter wrote, “I didn’t know! I got $ 5 for GTA V. ” Another remarked, “Well, I know where I’m going to bring my old games tomorrow.” One editor suggested, “Can we make it move?” In the library in my area, you can find not only video games, but also consoles, as well as PlayStation and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

In addition to libraries, there are other places where you can happily accept video game donations:

  • Children’s hospitals
  • Family shelters
  • AbleGamers , a non-profit group that offers basic games to people with disabilities. Carefully used consoles or games can be sent to: AbleGamers Charity, Care of: In-Kind Donations, 179 E Burr Blvd. Suite Q ,, Kernisville, WV 25430.
  • Gamers Outreach , a charity that provides video games to children in hospitals. You can send your games by mail: PO Box 694, Saline, MI 48176.
  • Charity Nerds , another group that distributes video games to hospitalized children. Bring your games and consoles to one of their video game tournaments or mail them to Charity Nerds, 4140 NW 37th Place, Suite AGainesville, FL 32606.


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