How to Find and Delete Google Map History

You might think you’ve turned off Google’s location tracking history, but according to a new Associated Press report released today, you might be wrong.

AP, working with researchers from Princeton, found that services such as Google Maps and the Google search engine were recording user location information without their permission . The problem is how to disable tracking. While tracking can be turned off in the Location Services section of the settings, it must also be turned off in the Web & App Actions settings to completely prevent Google from tracking where you are.

To delete past location history from Google, go to this web page . On the left side of the page, you can select View Items to see what has been tracked about you for a specific product. Select “Maps” from the list to view data related to the map. Click on the hamburger icon (three dots above each other in the upper left corner) in the search bar and select “More” and then “Delete results” to get rid of everything.

And if you want Google not to track you in the future, make sure tracking is turned off in the Geolocation Services and Web Application and Activity sections in the future.

Keep in mind that there are benefits to tracking. When Google doesn’t know where you are, it can’t offer location-specific recommendations. For example, if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, you will get results from everywhere, not nearby. And Google Assistant won’t be able to handle location-related questions like “What’s the weather?”

And as long as you are using a device connected to the Internet, you will always be tracked to some extent. Our cell phones connect to data towers, towers that let your carrier know where you are whether you want to or not.


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