How to Get Fortnite for Android on a Non-Samsung Phone

Last week Epic Games announced the port of Fortnite to Android, making it the first to be available exclusively to Samsung users. This exclusivity was supposed to last only “a few days” and it looks like the beta is now starting to open to non-Samsung users as well.

If you are interested in playing, you need to sign up for the beta on the Epic website . You can download it immediately after registering, but you’ll have to wait for Epic to grant you access to actually be able to play it on your device.

Speaking of devices, you’ll also need a fairly new device to handle the hardware requirements of the game. Most mid-range phones released by major manufacturers in the past few years are on the approved list, but you’ll want to test yours before having difficulty registering.

You’re downloading the beta APK from the Epic website, not through the app from the Google Play store, so you’ll likely need to temporarily disable certain permissions on your phone to download and install the app. It will also prompt you to turn them back on when you’re done.

Epic Games

There are several modified APKs that supposedly make the game for other devices. We would advise you not to download one of these and instead stick to the official Epic version for a number of reasons detailed here .

And once you sign up for this beta, be prepared to wait a bit. Like most beta releases, Epic slows down the game’s rollout to users, so it may take a little time before you get official access. However, it is always beneficial to queue early.


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