Get Hyperlocal DarkSky Weather Prediction on Alexa With This Skill

If you look back at my story with Alexa, the most common question I ask is the weather. In San Francisco, outside temperatures usually hover between 50 and 75 every day, and before I take my puppy down three flights of stairs for a morning walk, I usually want to know which end of the range we’re at. for today.

Getting general weather information for your city is great, but if you live in a microclimate like San Francisco where the weather changes from area to area it can get a little tricky.

I use Dark Sky on my phone. As it turns out, Alexa has a skill that allows you to use it there too. His name is BigSky .

As with Dark Sky, this skill can give you an hourly report based on your actual address. This works for other addresses as well, so you might want to ask what the weather is like for your mom this weekend, or what wind speed will be at Disneyworld when you try to run this marathon. You can also ask questions about when it will rain, humidity, and even atmospheric pressure.

It is much more powerful than the built-in weather skill and is very useful.


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