How to Eat Perfectly Ripe Bananas All Week

Everyone has their own preference for the ripeness of the bananas. I like mine completely yellow, with no brown spot in sight. Some people like them freckled, and some monsters like them soft and brown. Regardless of your preference, buying a whole pack at once always leaves you with a few less desirable nanners.

But one extremely clever Korean grocery store solved this very pressing problem by selling packs of bananas of varying ripeness, so you can enjoy them every day when they’re ripe. As far as I know, there is no such service in the United States, but there is no reason why you cannot create your own by purchasing a couple of bananas from different bunches. Take a pair that is perfect right now, a pair that is hardly green, and two more that are mostly green. Eat them as they ripen, never again settling for too soft bananas.

Good News: Bananas Unraveled | Grubstreet


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