Best Uses of Ginger for Off-Label Sushi

I am an absolute fan of pickled ginger. I always order extra, but not to eat from the sushi, but to eat my own sushi. Spicy sweet slices make a great topping off a meal, soothing your stomach, and if you’re planning on eating dessert, they are a great flavor cleanser.

After one food delivery fiasco left me at no additional cost, I bought them from banks so there was never a shortage. Because of this abundance of gar, I ate slices throughout the day and also put them in whatever I could think of. Here are some of my favorite uses of ginger for sushi besides sushi:

  • Mix it with store-bought dressings and sauces: Use it to add sweetness and appeal to condiments that you might be tired of. Bored with plain peanut sauce? Mix half a cup with 25 grams of pickled ginger to fall in love again. (Don’t do this with ketchup.)
  • Add it to salads and sandwiches : after all, this is pickled cucumber, and pickles are needed for sandwiches. Pickled ginger goes well with chicken, turkey and (surprisingly) roast beef. For salads, cut the slices into chunks and toss them with tuna salad, chicken salad, or a large pile of greens.
  • Make a restaurant-worthy ginger salad dressing : all you need is gary, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil.
  • Make a marinade for meat: Toss a can of pickled ginger with a paste, toss it with a little soy sauce or miso, perhaps a little cheap beer , and spread the mixture on some pork, chicken, or beef to soften and flavor.
  • Add some brine to your cocktail: Did you know you can make a dirty martini with any brine? You can; I give you permission. The filthy ginger martini is divine, that’s what I say.

You can also do the same as me and just eat the slices straight from the jar by dipping them in some soy sauce for a salty sweet snack. Or you couldn’t do it; some people are off-putting.


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