Best Sounds to Fall Asleep According to Reddit

Having trouble falling asleep, but meditation is none of your business? The good folks on Reddit have a few guidelines for chatty podcasts and tracks where the sounds of voices can lull you in the dreamland.

The original post asked for a subreddit that hosts sleepy content, but the responses include many great podcasts and other ideas. Try the next time you need to fall asleep:

  • Sleep With Me , a podcast of notoriously twisty, hard-to-understand stories
  • Redditor Elfere offers to download the audio version of any holy book.
  • Hear old episodes of Bob Ross painting exhibitions.
  • Include one of Alan Watts’ lectures on Zen Buddhism.
  • Play natural shows on planet Earth and fall asleep to the soothing voice of Sir David Attenborough.
  • Find videos at / r / asmr and/ r / unintentionalasmr , two subreddits dedicated to videos of soft whispering and wrinkling noises.
  • Or join the fun at/ r / FuturamaSleepers , where people sleep Futurama episodes and report back.

Of course, any podcast can be a sleep podcast as long as you find it calming and enjoyable enough, but not too distracting. What do you listen to when you need to sleep?


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