What to Leave in the Kitchen for Last Minute Fun

Maybe I have a southerness in me, but I have always enjoyed guests, even unexpected ones. I also really enjoy feeding people, but I don’t always have time to cook. This way, I have a whole arsenal of delicious snacks and drinks that I love to keep in the kitchen in case someone is hungry (or thirsty).

Alcohol (yeah)

Some cheap beer, along with a bottle of red and white, should cover most of your unexpected guests. If 1.5 liters of wine isn’t enough, consider stretching the red even further by mixing it with Coca-Cola or Chirvin to make kalitmotso . I also like to keep at hand a bottle of Amaro at any time to submit a quick “something with soda” or digestive, soothes the stomach.

Canned fish

Fish in cans has a moment, which is fantastic because it’s delicious, requires very little preparation, and can live in your closet – ready to eat whenever you want – practically forever. Salted pickled fish swimming in good oil needs a little more than crusty bread and pickles to feel special, and the jars are just so pretty.

If you want to go even cheaper, keep cans of salmon handy . Not only can they be mixed with crème fraîche for a delicious spread, they just need to be mixed with egg, onion and a little flour to turn them into delicious little croquettes .

Good crackers

I love the salty ones and keep them close at hand, but I also keep a box of Carr’s Water Crackers and Trader Joe’s Fig & Olive chips close at hand – water crackers pair with even the most energetic cheeses, and fig and olive chips make for some sweet and sweet dishes. salty texture for a creamier dish. Potato chips are not a bad idea either, and they pair surprisingly well with brie.

Sour cream (or even better – labne)

When it comes to cream, it never hurts to put the dipping base in the fridge. Labne is a creamy yogurt spread that lives somewhere between cream cheese and sour cream – it only takes a little good olive oil and a little salted salt to shine, and the sour cream quickly turns into a paste when mixed with each chive .

Olives and gherkins

Keep everyone’s jar in the closet. As for the olives, I love the mixture I can garnish with paprika flakes and citrus zest, but my favorite “entertainment pickles” are Trader Joe’s gherkins, which have the most acidic punch.

Olive oil and a good condiment mix

Pour extra virgin olive oil into a mold. Add some Italian spices ( this grinder is good ) and serve with coarse, torn pieces of good bread. Made.


Everyone loves popcorn and this popcorn is the crunchiest . I love making a big batch and then putting in small bowls or bags and letting people season them themselves. ( Inspiration for the filling can be found here .)

What kind of easy-to-prepare snacks would you like to keep in your closet and / or refrigerator for unexpected entertainment? It shouldn’t be unusual. I once ate a salty sauce dipped in sour cream on my friends’ veranda – with wine in a box – and it was one of the sweetest evenings I have ever had.


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