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The Amazon is complex. Find a good hand soap and you’ll spend half an hour comparing purchases, analyzing star ratings and cost-per-weight, finding third-party vendors, avoiding Prime Pantry’s pitfalls, and looking spitefully at reviews written by idiots. An entire industry of review sites – Wirecutter , Strategist , The Inventory Gizmodo Media Group – has sprung up to give you the best product in every category. And now a list of the best of the best has come out to combine those reviews along with those of Amazon.

For some multi-functional products like a bicycle, phone, or dishwasher, it makes sense to spend some time reading detailed product reviews. The Best Best List focuses on “boring shopping” like hand soap, wine cabinets and shower curtain liners where there is just one or two factors to consider. These are purchases that you shouldn’t dwell on. You don’t need to see a million options because there are a lot of spatulas. You just need to avoid shitty ones.

The Best Best List calls itself rotten tomatoes in product reviews. This is a rough guide to low-cost shopping, or a starting point for researching primary sources. It includes many good review sites that mitigate the bad habits of certain destinations. For example, Wirecutter ignores low-cost options. (There are enough good bidet seats for $ 45 , not $ 400 ! Coffee grinders for $ 37 , not $ 140 !) BBL, including other Amazon sites and reviews, provides a reality check.

For a given product category, BBL lists the best products for each of several metrics:

  • Most recommendation websites
  • Most reviews on Amazon
  • Highest Amazon Rating
  • Lowest Price Most Recommended
  • Top 10 Recommended

Sometimes one brand wins out on every metric, but usually you’ll see a lot of options. For example, a different pillow wins for each metric . One hand soap dominates Amazon , but is not recommended more often on review sites. And one brand of car wash shampoo reigns supreme in every measure but price. Each product record includes links to original reviews and to the Amazon product page.

What you won’t see is Amazon’s dizzying Babylonian Library . You won’t even see Wirecutter’s long explanations of why his winners become winners. BBL shopping links lead directly to the Amazon product page where you can make a purchase with one click. At least when it works.

BBL’s biggest drawback is that it lacks too many obvious products. It doesn’t recommend sponges, trash bags, TV antennas, or beard trimmers, although there are many reviews elsewhere. It also lacks a large list of all of its pages, so you have to search and check options such as “trash can” or “trash can” every time. (BBL also lacks Amazon’s Choice, which is often cheaper than the products recommended on the site and often good enough: I have an Amazon-recommended $ 18 grinder and it works great.)

You can suggest a new product , but you no longer save time. The owner builds product pages with a bot , so it won’t take BBL long to fill out their offers and become a reliable way to shop on Amazon without feeling like you’re roaming an Amazon warehouse. If only you could fill your cart straight from BBL and avoid Amazon until checkout.

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