Get 400 Coach-Led Workouts for Free With ClassPass Go

We all know workout is important, but sometimes it’s easier said than done to get to the gym. This week, ClassPass unveiled a new app that could potentially make workout easier on those days.

A free iOS and Android app called ClassPass Go offers tons of quick, coach-led workouts that you can do using just your phone. The lessons are broken down into three parts: cardio, strength and balance, and each includes a number of different workouts, each classified according to the skill level you need to try them out.

Plus they are not very long. For example, the section for beginner runners includes workouts that start at just 8 minutes and then progress to 49 minutes. The shortest yoga workout is 6 minutes and the longest is 49 minutes.

The idea here is that you can choose to workout for the time you have, rather than trying to fit a longer workout into a shorter period of time. After all, running for 15 minutes is much better than not running at all.

Unfortunately, things like yoga are audio only, which means you need a little knowledge (at least enough to know what positions they are talking about) before you can actually get a real workout. There is also a small photo guide to help you with this.

However, if you only have 15 minutes to train and want a little guidance from a personal trainer while you exercise, the app might be exactly what your doctor ordered.


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