Have the Children Record Their Own Video of Songs to Prevent Tears While They Study.

My children have been to wonderful kindergartens, summer camps and other places where they live for hours and then return home, admiring how much they had fun. But then, when it’s time to leave them the next morning, they forget about it and cry because they had to leave me . One thing that helps: Selfie video.

The next time you pick your child up and they are on this great honeymoon phase, ask them to record a short video of how much they had fun and how much they can’t wait to get back. Show them the video the next morning – ideally before the tears start. I can’t say it completely prevents morning crying, but it definitely helps. It helps their little brains jump through the “I have to say goodbye to Mom” stage and start looking forward to their favorite moments of the day.

I’m making these Q&A videos and experimenting with pointing the rear camera at my child rather than letting them look themselves in a selfie style. Anyway, I’ll ask things like:

  • So were you having fun at [place name]?
  • What did you do best today?
  • Tell me when you [name an activity you know they liked / liked]
  • Who did you play with? Who are your favorite teachers there?
  • How do you feel about coming back tomorrow?

The key is to be specific – not just “I had fun, I played with toys,” but “Will and I went down the slide and then he said,“ Poopyface! “And even the teachers laughed.” Always end up telling them about their excitement about coming back.

When I do this with my older children – for example, five or six – I explain the purpose of the video and ask them to talk directly to themselves in the future. I invite them to start with something like “You have to come back completely today because …” and then fill in any details they like.

However, you need genuine enthusiasm. If the child is not really enthusiastic about their experience, do not push them. And if a child is afraid of being thrown, and all day he is dissatisfied, it may be a warning sign that something is wrong – from child abuse to the fact that the program course really boring and uninteresting for them , so treat to your child seriously.


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