Roast Vegetables Before Pickling or Pickling

Of course, fermented pickles will always be more fragrant than quick pickles, but, according to Epicurious, Mark Bittman adds some depth to smoke, first cook the vegetables on the grill.

It actually makes a lot of sense. I love my pickled corn , but can you imagine grilled pickled corn? Can you imagine grilled pickled mushrooms? Because I can do both, and it inspires me. As Bittman explained to Epicurious, “Grilling before pickling changes the game because you put in charcoal and smokiness first and then add brightness.” This layered attack means more flavor is added to pickled foods and packs quickly into them. As someone who hates waiting for most things, but especially food, I am very excited. You can try Bittman’s recipe (link below) or use your favorite pickle and grill all the vegetables quickly before continuing as usual.

Why vegetables should be grilled before pickling | Epic


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