Mailist Is the Instapaper for Fans

We know we shouldn’t let email rule our lives , but we do it anyway. We use email as a to-do list, as a keeper of ideas, as a place to send notes to ourselves by email. And if that works for you, here’s another tool: The free Mailist extension for Chrome and Firefox collects your unread bookmarks and e-mails them to you once a week.

In most cases, it’s more efficient to set up Instapaper , which collects articles that you can read later in plain text. But Instapaper isn’t at the center of your workflow, so you might never bother opening it and actually read anything. Mailist puts these articles in your inbox where it’s harder to ignore them.

Use this if you are better off answering emails than opening apps. Don’t use this if you have email lag. (Like many good hacks, this is about converting tasks into a familiar system.) And remember, the free service will probably try to sell your data at some point, although Mailist currently has a decent, readable privacy policy that imposes some restrictions on this sale.


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