How to Get a 4K Movie From the ITunes Store If You’ve Redeemed Code Elsewhere

The next time you buy a movie and it will be accompanied by one of the “redeem this code to get a digital version on your favorite platform” notification, make sure you choose the right service if you want the best quality video. as many other streaming services as possible.

For example, if you’re already sold in the Apple ecosystem, but also use Movies Anywhere – and you should use it because it’s awesome – you can redeem your code for a new HD movie in the iTunes Store first if you can . Otherwise, you’ll have to repurchase the movie if you want a 4K version of it. You won’t get it for free.

Heck, you still might not even get a 4K update on iTunes.

Managing movies in different services is a headache

Starting late last year, Apple decided to provide HD movie owners with free upgrades to the 4K version of the movie, if one exists. As users soon found out, this generosity did not extend to everything they could access through their iTunes libraries.

For example, if you redeem a code for an HD movie in Movies Anywhere, which then unlocks it for viewing on a connected iTunes account, that does not qualify for the free 4K upgrade from the iTunes Store for the movie. Apple’s policy clearly states this:

  • If you buy an Eligible Movie from the Movies Anywhere Response Service in 4K, HDR, or Dolby Vision, you will be able to watch the Qualified Version in the iTunes Store (as long as the same movie is available in 4K, HDR, or Dolby Vision from the iTunes Store) …
  • If you buy an eligible movie from the reverse Movies Anywhere service in HD, you’ll be able to watch the HD version in the iTunes Store. (These movies will not be updated to 4K, HDR, or Dolby Vision, even if there is a movie in those formats in the iTunes Store.)

Some owners of the films that have gone that route – bought HD-movie through Movies Anywhere, and then open iTunes to view it – reported that some of their films in any case receive a free upgrade to 4K . But this is more the exception than the norm.

Even more annoying, after you unlock a movie in Movies Anywhere and open your connected iTunes library, Apple assumes that you purchased the movie. No easy way just a little bit to pay Apple for the upgrade to 4K, it would make a lot of sense.

If you only have HD and want 4K on iTunes, get a wallet

If you purchased the HD version of a movie, connected it to all of your services (including iTunes), and now you need a 4K version, you can use Apple’s Gift This Movie feature and send a “gift” to yourself. Specifically, gift the movie to the email address you also use as your Apple ID.

That said, you buy the movie again at full price, which is not so much a life hack as a last resort, but then you unlock the full 4K movie on iTunes. However, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to watch the 4K version of the movie on Movies Anywhere or connected services because things will get too confusing with your antics.

And if that process is not enough, there is no guarantee that the codes you activate in iTunes – say if you buy a standard HD disc with a digital unlock code – will even get you a free 4K upgrade to the digital version of the movie. You may be in luck; could you.

Next time, just buy the full 4K digital version

So what can you do if you want to make sure you’re getting the 4K version of your movie on as many streaming services as possible? Buy a digital version of your movie from a 4K service (such as iTunes), which will then unlock the 4K version on any Movies Anywhere-connected services if other services have them.

This last point is not just a digression; While the movie may exist in 4K on some services (like Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Vudu ), that doesn’t mean there is a 4K version on other services you use (like Star Wars: The Last Jedi on iTunes ). Yes, you can do everything right and not get 4K on other platforms connected via Movies Anywhere.It’s just the way it is . I have a headache.


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