Make a Kiddie Beach Pool With a Cheap Shower Curtain

In theory, the beach seems like a fun place for toddlers. But then you get there, and there are giant waves and all that. Your child wants to frolic in the water, but you can’t afford to. And so she sits there, looking longingly from the shore, like Little Moana, chewing on pieces of sand.

Some parents recommend bringing an inflatable paddling pool with you – you can relax while your toddler plays next to you – but these things are hard to blow up. An easier way is to make a pool with a cheap shower curtain. Just dig a small ditch, place a curtain on it, and fill it with water and toys.

Mom Megan Wilson shared a video on Facebook of her son splashing around in his handmade oasis. Guys, this is a beach done right.

Check out our other beachside tricks for parents who hate wrestling. As for the sunscreen , apply it to the children while they are in the seat belts in the car seats – they have nowhere to run.


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