Let’s Roll Over to the August Fitness Contest

I cannot do a handstand. Or a headstand. I am terrified even when I try to put my feet above me on the wall. Are you with me? Let’s get out of the comfort zone. If you already know how to do a handstand, well, I have some additional tests for you too.

One way to get started is to try wall walking . You start on all fours, touching your feet to the wall. Take turns placing your feet on the wall and see how high you can climb. I won’t lie, I only get up halfway before giving up. It’s hard to see how much my difficulty is related to mental ability compared to my lack of shoulder strength. I think I will figure this out within a month.

Another technique for beginners is to place your feet on a box or chair and tilt your torso to an upright position (head down, butt in the air, feet still on this box). You can see the handstand push-up technique in this introduction , but push-ups are optional for our purposes this month.

There are many ways to roll over, so pick one as your goal for this month and practice it every day. Some suggestions:

  • Working on the handstand with the methods described above
  • Yoga headstand work
  • Doing other inversions in yoga, such as a shoulderstand or wheel pose, or even a dog bowed down if that’s your level of comfort.
  • Walking on your hands if it’s too easy for you to stand there

Be sure to stay safe with any of them! If you are unsure of yourself, have a trainer or an experienced friend spot you, stay on soft surfaces, and read any other safety instructions that apply to your chosen method.


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