How to Keep Your Child From Messing With Your Netflix Story

Parents who share a Netflix account with their families are aware of this pain. After you put the kids to bed, you sit down to watch a new sex drama (or, for me, The Great British Baking Show ), and a message appears on your TV screen: “Since you watched Lalalupsi: Festival of Sweet Treats , here is Luna Petunia. , My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortbread ! »Your shows! What’s up with all your shows ?!

Your account has been tampered with again.

Engineer and dad Mike Angulo got tired of his kids messing up his Netflix story and listings, so he came up with a clever solution that he shared with booze-loving moms and dads all over the place: Change your profile name to something your kids won’t want to click. For example, in Angiulo’s account, “Papa” became “Install Windows Updates Now.”

Other names that might work include: World News, Shut Down, or Delete Netflix. All those happy finger clicks will stay far, far away.

You can also go the other way and change your kids’ profile icons for something funnier, like the characters from Trollhunters . (Just click Manage Profiles and select the edit icon on the profile you want to edit.)

Either way, while sitting on the couch next to the Shopkins and Hatchimals invasion, you can watch your damn shows like adults.


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