This Extension Allows You to Hide Wasted Hours in Google Calendar Redesign

The updated version of Google Calendar , which you can no longer refuse, is pleasant to look at and easier to work with than the previous version. However, the omission of one important feature in the new version of the Material Design calendar seems to annoy many users (including yours): the ability to lock the clock while you sleep.

In the last major iteration of Calendar, Google had a “Hide morning and night” feature in the Lab section of its settings (which is also missing from the current version of Calendar). If you’ve turned it on, you can go back to the main calendar view and drag the little gray bar at the top and bottom to shrink the calendar view.

In other words, you can exclude from your calendar those times of the day when you are sound asleep, as it is just a waste of space. (I doubt a lot of fellow coworkers send you invitations at 3am, but you never know.)

Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current version of Google Calendar. If you sign up for or use Google’s G Suite for your work, you can set “business hours,” which at least prevents people from making appointments with you when you’re not planning to work. However, this still doesn’t compress your calendar, and you still have a large chunk of white space at the top of your calendar from around midnight until you start working during the day. You don’t have many ways to fix this problem, but there are several.

Highlight unused hours in gray

This will not cause your calendar to run out of time, but you can at least create a new calendar and schedule a recurring daily appointment at your typical bedtime — say, midnight to seven in the morning. Choose graphite as your calendar color and then repeat the appointment daily. At the very least, you no longer have a huge chunk of white space to look at, and your eyes can better focus on the colorful calendar elements that happen during your waking hours.

Try the Google Calendar Plus extension

Available for Chrome and Firefox , this extension allows you to set the start time for your calendar. Raise the hour counter from midnight and the corresponding lines in your calendar will disappear. In theory, the extension should also allow you to shrink your calendar from the bottom up – dial from midnight and hide later hours if you go to bed a little earlier – but that seems to be a lot more difficult to do in Google Calendar since setting this up is still nothing. doesn’t in extension. Hope its author can get this to work soon.

Tell Google you need more Calendar customization

While many people have already told Google that they would like to be able to customize their calendar display hours, Google may need even more feedback before it builds this (and Lab support!) Into a future Calendar update. Let them get it through this handy feedback form – and set a reminder on your Google Calendar so you don’t forget to do it.


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