Tell Us Your Top Moscow Travel Tips

We really ask for it. We put off this issue of Hack Your City, waiting for the news about Russia to subside, as if it were about to disappear. Well, now we are swallowing a bullet (in Soviet Russia, a bullet bit you) and doing Hack Your City in Moscow. After all, it is an expensive, sprawling city of 12 million with a long history. There seems to be a lot to learn if you’re visiting for business, pleasure, or to record personal videos.

Every Monday onHack Your City, we ask readers for the best tips about the city: driving tips, restaurant tips, entertainment, and any other tips for visitors and locals alike. Then, on Thursday, we present the best comments. We work in the USA and around the world.

I will tell you that you are allowed to joke about the current presidential administration if you also have a real tip for visiting, working or living in Moscow. Here’s what we want to know:

What is underestimated? Which places deserve a few more discerning visitors? If a famous place is a tourist trap, what is the best alternative? What do you like best about Moscow?

How should a visitor approach the city? What position should they take? What local traditions, behavior, and laws should they be aware of? What should they know about the city’s past and present? How friendly are the locals and how can visitors get along with them?

How does it feel in the long run? What do you love and hate about the city? What advice can you give to other residents? How do you drive to work, what is your daily lunch spot or best place to watch? What mistakes do new residents make – what are the common misconceptions or incorrect pronunciations? Where do you go if you want to go out of town for a day or a week? Why does everyone have a summer residence?

Finally, how has the atmosphere of the city changed over the past few years? What old travel tips are no longer valid here, and what new ones?

Leave your tips in the comments below and we’ll highlight the best ones. (Read some of the other comments first to make sure yours is unique.) Then come back Thursday for a new post with highlights.


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