Learn From the Wedding Day Regrets of These Reddit Editors

Reddit editors share wedding horrors and lessons learned in the “Ask Reddit” thread: “ What are your regrets on your wedding day? “I had a perfect wedding and the only thing I regret is that I got really tight-fitting pants from the suit. So get yourself pants that have room to grow and learn these wedding lessons the easy way.

Use digital RSVP

Shirlisparrow regrets the paper invitations and responses to suggestions:

The stress level I experienced trying to get paper mail back to an era when no one else uses mail was so unnecessary. At some point, we got very few answers back, and I was in tears because no one was going to come. Of course they were going to come, just no one uses mail anymore.

Instead, Shirlisparrow says, you should use a wedding site that will save you money and time. (If you’re sending paper invitations – my wife sent out a magazine – you can still request a response via email.)

Don’t put off sex on your wedding night

You will be exhausted. Beyonce_Fanatic was; bangersnmash13 was; Rosebert was. If you are not worried about being defeated by God, the time for sex is morning. Or do it during a reception like d_rickards : “We did the whole ‘change clothes’ thing after the first dance, that gave us 15 minutes … On the other 2:30 pm, I helped my bride hang her dress up safely.”

Get tons of pictures

“My number one regret is advising people not to take pictures,” says DarwinsLoveChild . They hired a sketchy photographer who banned other cameras (she said the flash would interfere with her photos) and then a ghost, failing to deliver her photos. So DarwinsLoveChild has less than 20 photos of their wedding. Never let your photographer ban camera phones; even if you have a good photographer, he cannot be everywhere at once, and your friends’ photos are often the best.

The common method these days is hashtagging on Instagram, but according to redditors mcginnis88 and cinnamonbrook, if you leave disposable cameras for everyone, you’ll get pictures of members .

Have breakfast

You have a busy day that keeps you on your feet, and you will also run during lunch. “We got married early in the morning on the beach,” Downvotesdarksouls says, “and all I could think about was how much I wanted an egg, cheese and bacon breakfast sandwich on toasted English muffins with a light hot sauce. ! “

Dinner too. It’s easy to forget about it as you walk around the front desk chatting with all your friends. Wandmefort didn’t even have time to eat his fiancé’s cake.

Don’t invite people you don’t like

“They just cost you money, you don’t communicate with them at all, and they usually don’t bring nice gifts to compensate for that,” says Arctic_Walrus . EXCEPT allowing all divorced aunts and uncles to bring +1, just to watch the drama.

This is the best way to enhance your wedding. You have limited time, and the fewer people you invite, the more time you can spend with each of them. Throw away the creators of the drama, acquaintances and people with whom you have lost touch. There are better ways to rekindle a friendship than inviting someone to a 100 strangers party.

Prepare your speech

If you are going to speak, take your time. “I thought I would just go, thank everyone for coming, and sit back. Short and sweet, get out of the way, ”says Spider-Man . “This is exactly what I did, not to mention my parents or my wife.”

Don’t let your family have a wedding

Amrothnimrodel ‘s mother-in-law ruined their wedding by replacing her chef with catering at a grocery store, which I never knew existed. Snote85’s mother-in-law silently bought her a cheap ugly wedding dress. Throwacape’s mother-in-law said they would regret every choice – and she was wrong.

Elbis Cochuelo’s family offered to pay for the things, but then they made them cheaper: One uncle rented a seedy limousine on Craigslist, and another uncle “paid” for a honeymoon ticket, and then cut the trip from 18 days to 12 days because the flight was cheaper. Their relatives brought in a hundred additional guests without warning. “We had to force the catering industry to quickly set up and pull some tables out of storage. And then I had to order pizza for relaxation. The people we really wanted to see were eating fucking pizza on dusty tables. ” The relatives then told them that they couldn’t hang out with their friends unless they gave the same time to all the unexpected guests. Oh my God.

It’s okay to make a few concessions to your family. Let them invite a few of their friends so that they don’t feel lonely among all your young friends. Have them pick up a tablecloth or make a stupid toast. And if you’re really comfortable with letting them take over all the planning, that’s great!

But if your family is making it difficult for the wedding you want, then you need to drop it early. Tell them that paying for the children’s wedding is a gift, not a purchase. If they can’t agree with this, you better pay yourself than be an unhappy guest at your own party. Your wedding is the only party where you are almost guaranteed to bring all your loved ones together in one place. And if you’re lucky, you can only do it once.

Get creative with your ceremony

Here’s another regret: “Our grandmothers weren’t flower girls,” says CongregationOfVapors . They didn’t have young children and they just didn’t think about using grandmothers. But now it is possible.

Don’t go about your business

Whether you’re hosting a formal wedding party or not, assign a few friends on business. Do not work with them all the time, but if you leave his wedding ring in the bathroom before you go to the reception as it did torva_xanth , you should not rush back. Ask your bridesmaid or groom! If you are polite and decent, everyone will want to help you on your wedding day. “We all know what we’re signed up for,” says TheOtherPenguin . “For heaven’s sake, please make the open bar like a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Be yourself

“It sounds petty, but I’m sorry I combed my hair,” says SuzQP . “It was so unlike me.” It’s nice to feel fashionable on your wedding day, but don’t feel compelled to do something really uncomfortable. Sometimes weddings seem to be cut out of cardboard with a hole for the head: the same dresses, the same rituals, the same ceremony, the same songs on the dance floor. And I’d rather sit for a Klingon wedding than the other default wedding.

Sign up only for what you really want

“We are registering with gd china,” says supertinypenguin , who has not used china for 25 years. All members of the thread agree that they should use porcelain every day. Live as if you are in “The Last Man on Earth” !


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