Use Augmented Reality to Become the Best Artist With This App

Drawing is one of those skills I’ve always wanted to master but never mastered. I was in charge of my art class until I got to high school, but unfortunately, this is where I reached my peak and from that point everything went downhill.

If your freehand skills aren’t as good as you’d like, SketchAR can help you simulate them to the end.

The app uses augmented reality to display what you want to paint on a surface, and then you can “track” that image by looking at your phone or tablet.

While you can certainly use it to draw something on a piece of paper, it can come in especially handy (even if your drawing skills don’t suck) when you’re trying to paint something like a mural on your child’s wall or a sign. for your store. Almost anywhere freehand work can be problematic.


The app has tons of built-in templates, and for those who really want to learn how to draw and not fake it, there is an app section with drawing tutorials to help you get started.

It won’t make you a world renowned artist overnight, but it can improve your game momentarily.


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