Find Your Replacement Nut or Bolt From the Photo Using Amazon Parts Finder

I moved late last year, which required a decent amount of furniture to be disassembled and reassembled. Hence, it also led to several questions: “Where did the other of these screws go?” moments.

It seems that the more important a nut, bolt, or washer is, the more likely you are to lose it, even if you carefully placed each of the screws in its labeled bag when you picked up the item. in the question separately. Or take it off when you take apart the item or can’t put it back together.

In the past, I decided that I would just take one of the suitable parts to the hardware store and asked the poor guy to help me find a replacement. Earlier this month, Amazon actually introduced a new feature in its iOS app that could potentially make this process easier: It can find a replacement part using your phone’s camera.

To use this feature, you need the Amazon iOS app downloaded to your device (no Android support yet!). Open the camera function in the app and then click the Part Finder icon. This will launch a set of on-screen instructions. Basically, this will entail placing your item on a white surface next to a penny (for scale). You will then process your phone several times so that the app can get a complete picture of what you are looking for.

Subsequently, it may ask for several other identifiers such as disc type and head style.

Assuming he sells a product that meets your requirements, you will receive product replacement results that you can purchase directly through Amazon.


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