Settle Disputes About Board Game Rules With This Alexa Skill

I am an incredibly competitive person, especially when it comes to board games. This means that I will always be the first to claim that someone is “breaking the rules,” and I pull out the rulebook to prove it.

Also many times we get our hands on a board game to play it and we need to take a minute to figure out how to actually play the game by asking questions, especially when the rulebook somehow disappeared out of the box.

Board Games Answers is a free Alexa app that makes it easy to resolve game disputes or simply figure out how to play a game. Once enabled, you can ask Alexa questions such as how many people can play Monopoly or who goes first to Scrabble, and get an instant response without digging through the rulebook.

Skill supports a number of classic games, but if you’re playing something a little more incomprehensible, you might still need to head to Google for an answer. However, for more mainstream games, this can be a good way to quickly get a second opinion when you have a dispute over the rules, without having to slow down the game.


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