Edit Typos in Your Tweets With This Chrome Extension

For those who write to make a living, my Twitter feed contains an annoying number of typos. I usually notice them a second after I click on a post, and I’m immediately faced with a decision: “Delete this tweet and pretend it didn’t happen, or just make a typo?”

A new Chrome extension was released this week that has the potential to make things easier. Called covfefe, after an alleged typo by our president, the extension delays sending your tweets by 15 seconds, 15 seconds where you might notice you fail miserably and delete or edit your tweet before it actually gets sent out for all to see. …

At a basic level, you can get the same effect by simply reading your tweet before actually hitting submit, but as I’ve personally proven myself on numerous occasions, there is something different about looking at it after the tweet. than a preliminary tweet.

This is not a perfect solution either. The service does not handle retweets very well at this time (it @ sends a message to the person, not replies in a stream), and in the end you really just delete the tweet before you send it, rather than edit it after. However, it can save you in a pinch if you are like me and can use that tiny bit of extra buffer time.


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