Clean up Your House Little by Little

When we last collected our staff’s weekly updates , our editors were buying kayaks, exploring history through podcasts, rediscovering the joys of community radio, and using jet lag to our advantage.

This week we are devising more efficient ways to do housework, buying more gear to go with this kayak, shaking our cocktails of orders, and asking the reader for help picking out new wasting app time.

What updates have you made this week? Let us know in the comments.

Work around the house according to a routine you already have

Since it’s summer now, my ability to “get things done” drops dramatically, especially when I can just go outside and walk, borrow a page from Beth and try kayaking or sit on a bed in front of the brand. – new Vornado fan and pretend it’s not a million degrees in my room. However, I started using the classic “do something when you’re lazy” technique and it worked! For example, instead of spending an hour (or two) cleaning the entire bathroom, I organize, move, or wipe one thing every time I go to the bathroom. Taking food off the kitchen shelf? Place one item on this shelf as a repentance. Playing another co-op Starcraft II match? Bookmark multiple browser tabs and finally close them. Etc. This is the summer of baby steps.

David Murphy, Senior Technical Editor

Crowdsourcing your next app store downloads

I’ve downloaded a few new mobile games to play while listening to podcasts on the go. But none of them helped me. I need more suggestions for one-handed games that are time independent, offline games that don’t require audio. I love Threes and Imbroglio, but I was sick of them already. Help!

Nick douglas, staff writer

Tidy up your outdoor gear

I have made several improvements related to kayaks. I got my rookie lifejacket back after one awkward walk and exchanged it for a rowing one. I bought a suitable attachment kit and practiced until I could tie the boat to the car in seven minutes. And I found that the Ikea foldable backpack , while not waterproof, is perfect for carrying my rest of my junk to the lake (I just throw it over my shoulder) and securing it to the boat (using a carabiner). Everything of value is sealed in a zippered bag inside, and I leave.

Beth Squarecki, health editor

Change your perception of time

I recently went to Portugal. As you may know, most of Europe uses the 24 hour format rather than the 12 hour AM / PM system. I switched the time and date settings on my phone to military time to match, and I am still using it when I come back. It was weird at first (I remembered to subtract 12 from all), but now I prefer this. This makes the day longer and more productive.

Adam Powers, video producer

Prevent your eye makeup from melting

I have an eye makeup primer that has improved my face a lot because it keeps my eyeliner and eyeshadow from sliding off my oily lids.

Claire Lowe, Food and Beverage Editor

Get yourself a new and improved drink order

Usually my improvements fall into the self-improvement category, but this week it’s just booze. Our food and beverage editor, Claire, was at the New York office this week and introduced me to the joys of Ferrari, a simple drink made up of equal parts Campari and Fernet (iced or pure, whichever you prefer). Anyway, I got a big hit from Fernet – it’s good for my gut, I justify it – and I don’t like drinking straight, but I usually don’t want to with cocaine either. This is the perfect solution and I plan on drinking it by the end of the summer.

Virginia K. Smith, Editor-in-Chief


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