Buy Furniture You’ve Seen in Movies

I want a wallpaper from Phantom Thread . And I can get it, or at least “recycle” it for $ 80 a roll at Wallpaper Direct. I know this from the Movies & Furniture blog and database, which mentions furniture and decor in movies and TV shows, and tells you where to buy them. The site features designs from Mad Men , A Clockwork Orange, and even Incredibles 2 . (You will have to go elsewhere for the Big Lebowski rug .)

The film and furniture also explores the architecture and filming locations you can visit, such as the Irish castles used in Game of Thrones . Color matters a lot on a website. The Yellow Minion article , which I ironically clicked on, is actually an exploration of the bright yellow scenery in films like American Bustle and Amelie . Another feature is dedicated to pastels in the movies and of course, where you can buy unusual pastel lamps and bedding.

Sources are often quoted in the UK, so American readers may have to look for stores in the US. But Film and Furniture is doing the hard work of identifying who in the world made this giant rocking chair. And since everything on the site has already been handpicked by a discerning decorator, this is a distilled high-octane collection, every piece of which is a treasure. You may end up saying to yourself something like, “Is eight hundred dollars really a lot for the final table if we keep it forever? I mean, it was at The Royal Tenenbaums ! “

Film and furniture | through Metafilter


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