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I have a bad habit of podcasts. I constantly find great, long-running podcasts and download them in their entirety. Right now, I have queued up 128 episodes of 32 shows. Maybe I should use Cast Rewinder , which sends you one old podcast episode at a time.

Just add an RSS feed or iTunes page (even if you’re using Android) and tell me if you want to release new issues daily, weekly, or anything in between. Cast Rewinder (currently in beta) displays an RSS feed for your episodes with a time delay. Paste this into your podcast player ( here’s how ). You will now receive the old episodes as new. If you ever catch up, you can switch to a “real” podcast.

It’s a cool tool, but it’s not magic. This American Life only lets you download the last four episodes, and Cast Rewinder can’t change that. So if you are worried about episodes disappearing before you catch up, you should download them as usual. But if you want to watch 130 episodes of ” Welcome to Night Valley” at night, connect them to Cast Rewinder.

Cast Rewinder – this project with open source, hosted on GitHub , so if you’re a developer, you can install your own version and customize it on your own.

Cast Rewinder | via the Useful Internet


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