How to Make Perfect S’mores?

Hello and welcome back toWhat’s Cooking? , an open thread where you can share your brilliant thoughts, tips, recipes and opinions on all food related matters. Today I want to talk about a wonderful summer treat: s’more.

This is a simple three-ingredient dish that doesn’t require much preparation, but there are many more variables than you might think. Let’s explore these nuances together and see if we can work out what makes s’more platonically perfect.

  • How fried do you like marshmallows? I am a torch-bearer and I like to light my mallows on fire. Not only do I think charcoal balances out the overwhelming sweetness of s’more, but I’m also very impatient.
  • What heat sources do you use besides the fire, which is always preferable? Roasting s’mores without the top cracker is very good as it browns the marshmallows and melts the chocolate at the same rate. It also allows you to prepare multiple meals at once, making the s’mores bar a very convenient option for parties.
  • Please describe the process of making a fire, if you have one: While I burn marshmallows, I like to put a foil cracker on it, put a piece of chocolate on it and put it next to the fire. … A wire rack, set over some hot coals but not on the fire itself, also works well.
  • What brands of chocolate, marshmallow and chocolate do you prefer? I stick to American classics – Honeymade, Jet-Puffed and Hershey’s. While the acid in Hershey’s turns off those who didn’t grow up with it, I love the slight astringency it brings. With the exception of Hershey, cheap sweet milk chocolate is the key to melting properly.
  • How do we feel about these things with banana and sea boats ? I think hot bananas are a bad idea, so I strongly forbid.
  • What about s’mores dip? You know I’m a fan .
  • Do you even trade Graham’s cracker for a different delivery system? Toast some chocolate and marshmallows over potato chips. It will change your life.
  • How to get melted chocolate? Is this even necessary? Of course it is necessary – what a stupid question. According to this highly scientific article on the subject, you need your marshmallow to reach 160 ℉ for the chocolate to melt properly, although I don’t know of anyone who will bring an instant thermometer to the campsite.
  • Does anyone else remember those microwave dishes in the early 90s? What the hell were they called?
  • What other flavored foods do you like? S’mores Pop Tarts are pretty cool, even if their social media presence is absent . Oreo – which they did NOT call s’mOreo – is not bad either.

As usual, feel free to add any comments or ask any questions that have anything to do with the topic at hand. If it has to do with chocolate, crackers and marshmallows, I’d love to hear it.


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