Save Even More on Amazon Prime Day Discounts With This Hack

If you’re a big Amazon shopper and pay an annual fee to enjoy the company’s services, Happy Prime Day! You will see a lot of deals today because just about every website in the world tracks, organizes and lists Prime Day merchandise your way.

With a little trick found by the shopping wizards at Doctor Of Credit , you can save even more money on your Amazon deal today. However, you first need to link your American Express card to your Amazon account – a process we detailed earlier .

This is how the hack works. Once you’ve linked the correct Amex card to your Amazon account, make sure your Amex discount is activated here : 20 percent off on anything you buy, provided you use up any membership bonus points when you buy anything.

That’s a lot at first glance, as you can get 20% off your purchase (up to $ 100) simply by spending as little as one tiny membership point at checkout. As Doctor of Credit points out, this discount appears to be related to the actual retail price of a number of Prime Day items – the many Amazon-branded items the company is promoting, as well as other trial items. base (like a doorbell).

As it happens, a device like the Echo Show, usually for $ 230, should be $ 130 thanks to the Amazon Prime Day Sale. Amex’s 20 percent discount should be based on that, which gives you a final price tag of $ 104. What actually happens is that the discount is calculated based on the original price of the item, which this time saves $ 46 instead of $ 26. That $ 130 daily sale fell to a much more attractive $ 84. Good.

If you are planning to do a little shopping today and some of your essentials are already on sale, you may want to shop now. As always, such deals are very convenient – and may disappear before you place your order. And don’t forget to change the membership reward you are using from the default ($ 10, I guess) to $ 0.01. You will get a lot more miles from those points elsewhere.

When shopping, remember to use code PRIMEBOOKS18 to save $ 5 on any books you buy (which are over $ 20). Share your account with yourself if you want to double the deal. And fire up Twitch to get free games all month long, especially today’s Tyranny, one of my favorite isometric RPGs.


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