How to Make Setting up a Laptop As Easy As a Desktop

Laptops are uncomfortable. But you can fix that if you want to look a little weird. The key is a little . Wall Street Journal tech columnist Christopher Mims tweeted a photo of his mobile workstation today. Mims uses a wireless mouse, folding keyboard, and laptop stand to make an ergonomic yet effective setup when working in a coffee shop.

Additional devices “have done wonders for the ergonomics of my mobile work environment,” Mims tweeted . The stand transforms your laptop into a monitor, the split keyboard puts your hands in a more natural position, and the mouse, while not the most ergonomic solution, trumps the laptop’s uncomfortable touchpad.

While you might get a couple of looks, the photo shows how this setup doesn’t really penetrate anyone’s space. If the cafe doesn’t mind the average laptop user, they shouldn’t mind. And these foldable peripherals won’t take up much space in your laptop bag.

Mims lists all of the gadgets shown above on Amazon ‘s Wishlist. You (probably) already have your own laptop and headphones, but the key components are three ergonomic additions:

All three devices are highly rated on Amazon, and together they cost just $ 57. We recommend one replacement: to avoid the awkward dongle setup Mims described above (to connect his USB 2.0 mouse to the USB-C port), you can upgrade to a TekNet Bluetooth mouse for as little as $ 5 more. Bluetooth mice connect directly to your computer without any dongles or wireless receivers. (You can get even more ergonomic with a trackball or vertical mouse .)

If someone in the cafe looks too askance at your surroundings, just slowly turn your wrists and explain how much it helped after the “operation”. Let’s see if they pester you after that.


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