Where to Get Free Ice Cream on Sunday 15 July

July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, so it’s time for discounts. Refinery29 and US News list chains that offer ice cream for free or at a discount. Some offers are valid only for Sunday, some are valid for the next week, and some are valid for the entire month.

The outlook isn’t as good as National Donut Day , with several national chains handing out free donuts and some just asking you to buy coffee first. So far, there are only two truly free offers nationwide: a two-hour Mini Cups at Dippin ‘Dots and a little Blizzard free if you download the Dairy Queen app.

Your Pie pizzeria chain gives out free ice cream on Sundays. Baskin-Robbins, Coldstone and Carvel made a buy-one-get-one deal. Ben & Jerry’s stores don’t offer anything that sounds less hippie and more republican. Their pints two for $ 6 at Whole Foods Friday through Saturday. The rich get richer.

Do you know where ice cream is sold at your local store? Do you know anyone who offers free ice cream, no need to buy, no question, can you double up if you bring a hat and sunglasses and speak with a British accent? Do you know why ice cream shops are stingier than donut shops? Help us help America.


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