How to Inexpensively Stuff Your Own Damn Teddy Bear

Build-A-Bear hosted a Pay Your Age event yesterday, promising shoppers that they can pay for their age for almost any toy in the store. This meant that if your child was three, she could catch a furry friend for three dollars. What could have gone wrong? Only the dream of every child is to bring home their own friend from the famous toy chain. (As a parent of a five-year-old, I sometimes wondered if I should find an alternative route in the mall when I’m in a rush so that my child doesn’t stop in front of the store and ask, ” Please mom, can we come in?”

The day was great. There were mobs similar to the Hunger Games . Eight hour queues (at least in my store). And breakdowns in babies. There are so many breakdowns. In the middle of the event, the company had to close the entire case, eventually offering printed vouchers instead.

You can come back if you dare. Or? It’s pretty easy to give your child a Build-A-Bear inspired experience at home for a cheap price – say, less than $ 10. No lines. Here’s how.

Buy animal skin without sewing

The all-new bear skins listed above on eBay start at $ 7.50. (There are also life size options, because YOLO.) You can also buy teddy bears and other friends on Amazon and specialty stores like The Zoo Factory. These $ 7.

Fill it up

Here’s the fun part. Have your budding taxidermist stuff his new friend with polyester fiber or some other filler. For a special touch, add a heart (you can cut it out of a piece of red felt) and tell them to make a wish!


This is where costs can start to climb (although the Build-A-Bear promo still didn’t include accessories). Let your child play dress-up with their furry friend with add-ons such as shoes, bows, police helmets, karate belts and roller skates .

Create a certificate of adoption

Make your adoption official with a personalized certificate you can create yourself or search for templates on Pinterest .


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