Check Out Sinemia, a MoviePass Competitor

Sinemia, a competitor to MoviePass, made signups a little more appealing this week, now offering $ 25 in free gift certificates every month with every subscription.

If you’re not familiar with Sinemia, it works in much the same way as other movie subscription services like MoviePass. For a monthly fee, you are entitled to watch a certain number of films every month. The idea is that the cost of a subscription is less than what you would traditionally pay for tickets.

Unlike some other options, Sinemia customers can purchase tickets up to 30 days in advance. There are no blackouts or films, you can use the service in any cinema.

The service offers customized plans that start at $ 4.99 a month to watch one movie and scale to family plans for six, which range from $ 8.99 for a couple who watch one movie together every month to $ 89.99. for a family of six. three films a month.

The limited-time food promotion extends to all company plans and each month gives each customer a $ 25 eGift card for that can be used at any restaurant where the service is available. Gift certificates are one per account, so if you sign up for a family plan, you receive one gift certificate instead of one for each member of your family.

The food portion of the deal can be spread over several transactions over the course of a month. It is also worth noting from the terms of the company :

After subscribing to Sinemia, the e-Gift Card must be requested in the MEMBERSHIP tab after logging into Once requested, the code will also appear in the scheduling tab in the Sinemia app.

An e-gift card must be requested within 30 days of subscribing.

When you subscribe, you also have to pay for the year in advance. So a $ 4.99 per month plan will set you back about $ 60. However, $ 60 for 12 movie tickets and $ 300 food isn’t all that bad.


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