Maybe Wait to Buy a New MacBook

Apple today broke out some pretty big news: It no longer sells the 2015 MacBook Pro, which means you can’t buy a MacBook Pro – from Apple – whose keyboard doesn’t suck , no doubt about it .

Yes, and Apple has also updated its top-of-the-line MacBook Pros, which will now set you back $ 6,700 for its most expensive version, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar; 4 TB solid state memory; 32 GB of memory; and six-core, Intel Core i9 processor clocked at 2.9 GHz.

Fortunately, Apple hasn’t changed the pricing for the base 13- and 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro models, but has slightly improved the specs. Now you get 8th Gen Intel “Coffee Lake” chips (up to a six-core processor on a 15-inch MacBook Pro and a quad-core processor on a 13-inch MacBook Pro), True Tone displays, and a ” third processor.” generation keyboard for quieter typing . ” The 15-inch versions of the MacBook Pro also come with DDR4 memory, while the 13-inch versions still support DDR3.

So, should you buy it? May be.

While I off my hat to Apple for finally sending even more love to the MacBook Pro in the form of off-loop component updates, the real core of Apple’s updates are the quad-core and six-core versions of their MacBooks. So, if you know you want to get big and have been eyeing a 15-inch MacBook Pro for a while, I would consider buying one. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller PSU, you’ll probably want to save on a quad-core laptop – starting at $ 1,800.

I realize it’s a fairly straightforward task to buy the most powerful laptop you can get, as you probably won’t be pushing for an upgrade for years. The problem is compounded by the macabre MacBook Pro keyboard, which you’ll have to get used to if you’re using an older 2015 (or earlier) laptop. (That and the absence of anything other than a USB-C port, but I digress.)

While Apple made the MacBook Pro’s keyboard quieter, it didn’t necessarily make it better. But, as the company previously indicated in a statement and recently echoed in The Verge, apparently only a handful of MacBook Pro owners are affected by keyboard issues. (These concerns are that dust, particles, and crumbs can render keys inoperable .) This is the claim Apple made when it officially launched a new keyboard maintenance program for frustrated MacBook Pro owners (in itself almost proof that this is not the problem). that’s small):

‚ÄúToday we launched a Keyboard Service Program for our customers, which covers a small percentage of keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models that may exhibit one or more of the following: letters or characters that repeat or don’t appear unexpectedly when pressed, or keys, that seem to be “stuck” or don’t react uniformly. “

More importantly, it is unknown what Apple has in store for its fall announcements. Of course, new iPhones are on the way – why not? – but rumors are circulating around the company’s Mac lineup. And rightly so: if you buy a non-Pro MacBook or MacBook Air, you get something that has n’t been updated for 402 days (at the time of this writing). That means seventh-gen Kaby Lake chips on a MacBook (not bad) and fifth-gen Broadwell chips on a MacBook Air (phew ).

I wouldn’t hold my breath for the MacBook to get a significant speed boost in the fall – or the OLED keyboard if you’ve been following some of the crazier rumors. Maybe you get an extra port. Maybe you will get a price cut. Anyway, if you haven’t bought a MacBook yet, you’ve been waiting for quite some time. What else is it in a few months to make sure you’re buying the best MacBook you can buy?

As for the MacBook Air, another ultraportable laptop in Apple’s portfolio, it’s definitely time to get some work done. Whether it’s the cheaper dual-core Kaby Lake chip or the more expensive (but more powerful) quad-core Coffee Lake processor – or both – I wouldn’t buy a MacBook Air right now if Tim Cook himself (politely) walked it to my entrance. doors.

Apple may even go as far as ditching the MacBook Air entirely and redesigning the MacBook line, which makes sense: one product line is focused on portability and the other on performance. But I also wouldn’t complain about Coffee Lake’s performance on a cheaper MacBook without the Touch Bar.

Anyway, if you still don’t know which MacBook to buy, I would wait. The recently announced MacBook Pros will still be great laptops in October (or ever) as September is usually the time for the iPhone to shine.

If you’re firmly in the mood for the fastest, most feature-rich system, the MacBook Pro makes sense as long as you have at least a quad-core processor. Of course, you can also wait a few days to see what the real story is when all tests come out. You may not need as much energy as you think.


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