Add Some Lemon Oil to Coffee

In summer, I can’t even look at hot coffee; these are all iced coffees, sometimes even no cream, because the higher the temperature, the dairy products become harder. However, if you want to add a little pep to your icy morning drink while keeping it refreshing, grab a strip of lemon zest.

The inspiration for this practice did not come from the cafe but from the bar. I do a fair amount of fluid research in Portland’s more sophisticated cocktail venues, but sometimes I get stuck in the swirl of favorites ordering the same (martini) over and over again. But the night before, a visiting friend advised me to try an espresso martini and I agreed because I am a polite and friendly host. The sweet and strong coffee drink might have gotten too sugary, but the presence of lemon oil finished it off beautifully, playing on the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the liqueur. Lemon oil extracted from a strip of zest does the same in a glass of cold drink, especially if you add some simple syrup to it. Hold the peel, yellow side down, over your favorite cold coffee. Squeeze it to release the oil, then rub it over the edge of the glass. Take a sip and get caffeine and freshen up.


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