Present Your Little One With a Roller Coaster With a Laundry Basket

When it comes to toddler hackers, it has all the winning ingredients. 1) You probably have materials. 2) YOU MUST SIT. And 3) It’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Oklahoma City dad Terrence Gay arranged a thrilling ride for his daughter Kayla by placing her in a laundry basket on her lap while they watched a 3D roller coaster video on TV. Pretending to be on the track, he dives, twists and shakes her while she squeals, “ Hey, stop, stop, stop! “With glee. Her mother put a video on the page, Kayla in Facebook .

Try it at home. You can find many roller coaster videos on the CoasterForce YouTube or Google page. Bonus: you get an awesome leg workout while you do it.


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