IOS ‘Lockbox’ App Allows Firefox Users to Quickly Prompt for Their Passwords

Update 3/26: Mozilla’s Lockbox tool is now available for Android , in addition to the firmware .

There are many awesome password managers out there1Password and LastPass come to mind – but Mozilla has its own password management aspirations. The company has just released two new mobile apps as part of its Test Pilot program , and one, Firefox Lockbox, is a pretty handy way to find out your passwords on your iPhone and iPad.

This is how it works. If you use Firefox heavily and don’t use a separate password management extension – just store passwords in your browser – you’re an ideal candidate to give Lockbox a try. Install it on your iPhone or iPad , open it and sign in using your Firefox account. Once you do this, you will see all your saved logins and passwords in a large list.

Click on the entry and you will see the saved web address, which you can click to load the site in any browser on your smartphone, depending on what you set in the app settings, as well as your username and password. You can click on any of them to automatically copy it to the clipboard, which is handy for pasting into an app or website form.

And it’s all.

Firefox Lockbox has a few bells and whistles that you’ll find in other password management apps – they don’t really exist, but there is something nice about its simplicity. Also, I appreciate that the app automatically locks itself after a certain amount of time (which you can also configure in its settings menu) and it automatically asks for Touch ID or Face ID to re-authenticate.

It would be ideal if you could edit your passwords in the app and sync them with your Firefox account. Or better yet, if you could pop your credentials into the linked app a la 1Password, instead of jumping out, load the Lockbox, tap the box, go back to the app, go back to the Lockbox, tap .. you get the idea.

However, for the v1 project, the Lockbox gets the job done. Expect an Android version in the future.

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