Don’t Include These Things on Your Tinder Profile

Have you wondered why you don’t have a match on Tinder or Bumble? We think these apps are for photography only, but if you’re out of luck, consider your bio. An update may be required.

Many people write the About Me section as if it were a one-off or they will change it later. Change it now . There are many things that people find surprisingly repulsive. For example, Reddit user u / Troelski has the right to object to anyone who claims to be “fluent in sarcasm.” This goes back to the old adage – show, don’t tell. At r / LifeProTips, they wrote that literally saying you’re sarcastic or witty is a sign that you’re probably not funny at all:

Most funny people don’t need to advertise this with a disclaimer. There is nothing more serious than simply saying that someone will not be witty, sarcastic, or funny.

Look, photographs are important, but sometimes when someone is afraid of meeting you in real life, certain things in your bio push them away from the fence and make them run away from you into the forest. Here’s what you might want to edit.

Your favorite TV shows

If your Tinder profile is linked to your Facebook, it will show you the pages you’ve enjoyed over the years: your favorite shows, music, your roommate’s short web series. This is probably all people need to know about your taste. Why waste precious words in your bio to say you love The Office ? The logic might be that you want to find someone with the same sense of humor, but a lot of people you will never come across also love The Office . This is a popular show.

Share something more personal with you that will give people a better understanding of you. Unless you’re the type of person who watches TV all day and doesn’t want the other person to do it with them. But I bet being straight is a better strategy for attracting your perfect match than quoting Dwight Schrute.

Avoid clichés

Are you looking for an accomplice in a crime? Do you like to travel? Are you in love with this great city and all that it has to offer? Do you like fun? Who cares ?! Maybe all these simple-minded people will find each other and fall in love, but if you want to stand out from the beige wall of politeness, make sure you don’t sound like a bot. If you are heterosexual, try toggling settings and search using your gender. Check out what the contestants write. This will give you an idea that the people you are trying to meet are probably tired of reading.

I had a friend who created a fake profile as a woman to see what the first messages he received so as not to send similar ones. This is extreme. But on the other hand, he is now married.

Cover the chip on your shoulder

If you’ve been dating for a while and are still using apps, you may be a little angry about your lack of success. Maybe someone or a few people made a mistake. Don’t use your bio to rant about “people” who suck, get bogged down, don’t reply, or don’t look like their photos. It’s worth talking to your therapist about this – not every person swiping a finger within ten miles.

No one wants to date someone who already seems angry and suspicious. This is a huge red flag. If you don’t like it or are not ready for the date, take a break. Rejuvenate. Come back with a more hopeful point of view. Also know that whenever you write “no drama” it is interpreted as “I will cause drama.”


You are using a dating app. There is nothing embarrassing about this. Most lonely people (and many non-lonely people) do too. When you write “I’ll lie about where we met,” you just feel like … a liar? Likewise, “Lol, I can’t believe I’m here” or other self-deprecating comments seem insecure. The person you are talking to is also on a dating app and doesn’t want to get upset about it.


Why are you wasting one of your photos on a meme?


Okay, there are many more clichés in dating apps that you might find useful, but consider why you are sharing them. For example: it’s hard to overestimate how many people post photos of themselves with dead fish. For me personally, this is unattractive. But for the avid fishing enthusiast, this may be just the right signal: “We will fish together until old age, or at least kiss in the dock.”

Likewise, when someone focuses heavily on their astrological sign, for example, “I am Capricorn and that’s all you need to know!” I wonder how delirious they must be thinking I know the hell about Capricorn. Again, there is someone who will, and they love Capricorns too. Ideally.

But do you really care about fishing? Do you care what someone’s ascending sign is? Otherwise, you can only limit yourself to certain types of matches. The best profile reflects your true interests and tells something interesting about you in a short sentence. Yes, it’s difficult, but I’m getting asked out on a bunch of fish dates and I don’t know why.

Ask a friend to read your bio and tell you how you are doing. Does it look like you? The best in you? You can even ask the stranger to take a closer look and ask what his experience is. Possibly a cute stranger at the bar. Who knows: by the end of the night, you can uninstall the entire app.

Eme Lyutkin is a freelance writer who blogs a lot about dating . She currently travels the country and is going on a date in every city she visits.


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