Save Whatever You Copy on IOS and MacOS With Paste 2

Mac: When updating Lifehacker’s Mac package for 2018, some readers noticed that I didn’t include any clipboard management apps this time around. Nothing personal; there were just other apps that I found more interesting.

However, Lifehacker reader Lula Mae Broadway brought up the Paste 2 app in the comments. I checked it out, and while it’s a bit pricey – $ 15 for the full version – it has some compelling features and a free trial so it’s worth considering.

While there are many clipboard apps out there that keep a record of everything you’ve copied, and Apple’s own Continuity feature lets you access your clipboard content across all your devices, Paste 2 brings these and many more features together under one roof. …

The app allows you to save everything you copied (or limit it to a certain period of time, like everything you copied in the last month). You bring up your history entry by pressing Command + Shift + V, which opens a panel at the bottom of the screen that presents all of your copied content as large cards.

I love that you can sort these cards into individual tabs or “message boards” if you’re trying to separate your must-see websites from all those cute animal pictures (or funny gifs) that you copy to show your friends. later. You can also search whatever you’ve copied in case your little item boards get too big, and re-copying and pasting any item is a breeze. You can even use keyboard shortcuts – Command and the numbers 1 through 9 – to quickly copy saved items for pasting.

Clipboard Paste 2 is universal and the iOS app is free to download and use. The iPad version of the app costs you $ 5 in-app purchase, which means you’ll spend $ 20 to install this app on all your Apple devices. However, it’s not bad for a cross-platform unlimited clipboard that can be split into small sections.

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