Discover a New City Through the Eyes of the Locals With This Service

One of my favorite parts of traveling is meeting new people and exploring new cultures wherever I am. When you don’t know where to meet these people or have a unique cultural experience, things can get a little tricky.

To accomplish this, I’m a big fan of new city food tours (you can meet people, take walking tours, and dine!) And stay at Airbnb above hotels. If you’re looking for that kind of experience, the With Locals app might also prove to be a useful tool in your arsenal.

With this service, you can book things like food tours as well as shopping trips and nights at local clubs. Everything is booked with a local guide, who in some cases is the person who guides the tours professionally all the time, and in others just the person using the service to make some extra money while interacting with travelers in their area.

As with other travel sites, all tours have reviews. Unlike some other travel sites, the individual guides on the site also have reviews, and you can choose which guide you want to spend the day with.

Based on my searches, the app is much more readily available in European countries than in the US, but it can be a great starting point when you’re trying to plan a big adventure.

Another good place to look is Airbnb. It launched the Experience feature last year and offers several similar tours and experiences around the world hosted by Airbnb hosts.


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