Contribute Your Books, Games and More to Your Own Searchable “library” With Libib

Despite my constant claims that I am going to move to a fully digital library, I still buy a ton of books. I began to become aware of the fact that I like having physical copies of things. In addition to just having fun holding the book in my hand while reading it, it also makes it easier to share things with friends.

Libib is a service that makes sharing easier and also finds out what books you already have in your library.

The website and app lets you create a searchable catalog of all your books, video games, movies and more by simply scanning the barcode on the back of them. For each post, you can create tags and leave notes. For example, you might mark that you put a book in storage in the garage or lent it to your friend Bob on July 1st.

This library is not only for personal use but also for sharing. So, if you have a huge collection and friends that you love to trade with, you can share Libib catalogs with each other and see what your friend might have on her bookshelf before you hit Amazon to buy yourself a copy of the new one. release.

The company offers a standard option, which is free and is probably all that most people will need. With it, you can create up to 100 different libraries, each containing up to 5000 different elements. You can also tag the items and post a list of your collection if you want to share it.

The paid Pro level for $ 99 a year or $ 9 a month expands this to 100,000 different subjects and is more suitable for schools and educational programs than for individuals. Whom to say, though, you don’t have 100,000 books swirling around your home (no judgment here!). The Pro option also includes some of the standard library functions such as customer management and provisioning and handling information. For real libraries, you know.

If you’re looking for a way to organize your physical media, it’s easy to get started with and at least can help solve the “Have I bought this already?” question when you’re in the bookstore.


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