Rediscover Your Favorite Children’s Books on This Website

Again, what is this book called? You know one thing. When we were kids. Was this a children’s chapter about a family moving into an old school building?

Still can’t remember? This is where Bookseller Stump comes in . Offered by Loganberry Books in Cleveland, Ohio, this service is designed to help you remember the names of old favorites you’ve long forgotten.

You can submit a description of the book (the more detailed the better), and then “the hive mind will get to work.”

After all, the website says, the collective intelligence of bibliophiles, readers, parents and librarians around the world is much better than some of us think.

The fee is $ 4 and the site says the success rate is about 50 percent. However, helping people to rediscover their beloved children is free. By the way, you were thinking about Six Robbens by Marion Barrett Obermeyer. You are welcome.


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