Look for Overheard Music Samples With the WhoSampled App

WhoSampled , a service that identifies music samples, recently updated its iOS / Android app to include Shazam -style music recognition. Now when you hear a song playing in a bar or store, you can search not only for the song, but also for what other music it is sampling or sampling.

WhoSampled returns the artist’s name and keeps track of whether it’s in their sample database, so you can use it as a low-functionality Shazam or SoundHound replacement. If the song is in the sample database, WhoSampled will load the selected songs that you can play right in the app.

There are two serious caveats. First, WhoSampled does not load the playable version of the song that is actually playing – only from other songs that it samples or samples. Instead, it links to the song on iTunes. If you own Apple Music, this is really perfect, but otherwise it might be annoying.

Second, the music recognition feature costs $ 9.99 per year. This is in addition to the $ 3.99 app price for iOS and ads in the free Android app. Charging an extra ten dollars a year is greedy, and I hope WhoSampled’s customer base agrees.

If you use WhoSampled a lot to create new music – let’s say you’re a DJ constantly looking for new material – the new feature will save you a step. If you don’t like this annual subscription, please wait. Hopefully WhoSampled realizes that they are charging too much and will instead include this feature in the price of the app. Until then, the non-subscription version is still a great tool with features like importing your phone’s music library.

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