Why Your Potato Salad Needs Two Types of Potatoes

A good potato salad should be a mix of noticeable, tasty potato chunks in a creamy starchy dressing. Rather than adding balls of mayonnaise, sour cream, or tahini , the key to this texture balance is to use two different types of potatoes.

Using both waxy potatoes and something starchy like reddish brown will give you firm potato chunks that hold their shape, and mashed potatoes that resemble a fluffy blush. As the reddish brown loses its shape, it mixes with your dressing, adding substances and starch and helping it stick to more waxy guys. There is no need to destroy russets; chopping them into cubes and mixing them with the rest of the potatoes will be excitement enough to help them crumble just enough . I like the ratio or one medium tan for every pound of young potatoes, but feel free to experiment with it to suit your potato salad needs.


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