How to Use GIF As a Profile Picture on Tinder

If your regular Tinder profile photo doesn’t attract enough people to swipe to the right, you can now replace it with a GIF.

The dating app today launched Loops , a new feature that lets you create a two-second video loop that you can use as an avatar on your site instead of a traditional photo. What’s more, you can create one using an existing video on your phone.

For the magic to happen, go to your Tinder profile page and then hit the upload photo button as if you were adding a new regular picture and select your video.

From there, a video editor will launch, allowing you to choose the perfect two seconds from this video to make your avatar. Choose what you like and then click “Preview Loop” and then “Add to Profile.” That’s all.

This feature is currently only available on iOS devices in the US, Canada and Sweden, but assuming the test succeeds, we expect it to roll out to Android and other countries in the future.

And remember that a GIF-file uses the same rules as static images. Recent images of your activities and activities you love are always a good choice. Also make sure the GIF is aimed at you and not a large group of friends; you don’t want your potential date to have to play Where’s Wally to pick you.


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