Always Bring an Extra Hand Towel to the Beach

In the war on sand, people will never win. And the sooner you realize that going to the beach is inherently messy, the more you will enjoy going to the beach.

That being said, there are strategies we can use to make it all less sticky and inlaid with sand, and the main one is this: in addition to your regular beach towel, you should always take a small hand towel to the beach with you. … My friend Penelope – a genius – taught me the hand towel technique many years ago and my trips to the beach have improved a lot since then.

The same logic applies here as a larger seating size beach blanket rather than a beach towel designed to dry. After reapplying sunscreen, eating something dirty, or getting too gritty for some reason, you’ll want to use a towel to dry off or scrape off the grit, as the case may be. And you don’t want to use your basic beach towel for the job. This towel should be as dry and free of sand as possible so that you can dry better (no excess beach debris) when you leave the sea.

Instead for day to day cleaning, hand drying, and more, get out this tiny hand towel workhorse and spare the rest in the process. It is unlikely to take up space in your beach bag, but it will make the whole day better. Or at least less rude.


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