Remove Unnecessary Programs From Your Mac With CleanApp

Mac: I just completed the Lifehacker Pack for Mac update and would like to include any applications or utilities that I or others find useful to it. Unfortunately, the best-of-the-best list requires a few tough decisions on the part of the individual, otherwise you’ll find yourself filling your system with 50 new applications – all useful, but perhaps a little overdone for your more reasonable needs.

CleanApp is one of the programs that was on my list of applicants but never made it to the final article. If you want your Mac to be as free of junk and random files as possible, I recommend giving it a try before installing anything else from our Mac Pack. Here’s why: The app starts a background process that keeps track of whatever the app uploads to your system when you install it. When it’s time to uninstall said app, it will ensure that CleanApp removes anything from your system that shouldn’t be there.

The full version of CleanApp costs $ 15. While there are free apps out there that are just as powerful in helping you catch wandering files, the app has dropped on your system as – AppCleaner – Thinks the price of CleanApp is not that bad given the thoroughness of the app.

However, I recommend giving it a try before buying. In fact, this is really the only way to make full use of the application, as it was not nearby to scan the applications that you already installed on your system. If you are a little annoyed with the whole “background process”, I suppose you can always use something like AppCleaner to make sure CleanApp is completely removed from your Mac when you uninstall it.


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