How Many Friends Do You Need to Be Happy?

We are inherently social beings who rely on each other, so we automatically look for people to forge serious relationships. But how many friends do you need in your life? How much can you actually have?

In the video above, we’ll go over the basics of friends and happiness and try to answer some questions about how the two are related. You will learn:

  • About Dunbar’s number, or the maximum number of meaningful relationships our brains can maintain on a day-to-day basis.
  • How many close friends or best friends (including spouses) should you have?
  • How many people in your immediate environment might be regular companions, such as less intimate friends and family.
  • How many acquaintances, co-workers and friends of friends, you can juggle.
  • What makes strong friendships in the real world (hint: this is not something that is easy to do on the Internet), and why we feel safe and comfortable.

You may think you can handle it alone, but when it comes to your well-being, friends, loved ones, or close relatives are essential. After all, there is a reason loneliness is not enjoyable. It is your mind and body that is telling you something .

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